Support TRX / USDT & TRX/TUSD, pair listings on Binance

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Being an active  community member and avid TRON believer, I seek out support from the TRON community, TRON Foundation and the 1.08 Million Hodlers(1) of TRX. Please come forward and play your part in becoming a collective voice to campaign for a change by helping push forward this petition to list more usdt and/or TUSD pairings with TRX.


List TRX/USDT and TRX/TUSD pairs on Binance!

The need for this petition has come forth in the light of recent market conditions, regulatory risks, market manipulations, Mt Gox Trustee actions and bitcoin bashing. Especially factors like Bitcoin dominance and its positive correlation to alternative digital assets has proven to be the driver of extreme volatility in uncertain market conditions.

In order for an alt digital asset to be less affected by market turmoil ( FUD, hacks, etc) alts like TRX particularly requires more fiat pairings, or pairings with more fiat equivalent stable coins like TUSD and USDT . Therefore would result in less exaggerated movements in price actions and maintain price stability.  

Binance as being one the top 3 exchanges by TRX traded volume (2)   has no stable coin pairings such as USDT for TRX , details as follows (3) ;

Rank 5th (on Binance as per trade volume rank ).



24 Hr Volume:$74,146,600

Volume percentage: 5.18%

Where as CoinMarketCap Monthly volume rankings place TRON consistently in the top 10, details as follows (4) ;

Monthly Volume Rank: 6th 

Currency: TRON

24 Hr Volume: $587,509,000

7 Day Volume: $3,179,794,480

Monthly Volume: $17,468,132,656

In the absence of USDT pair on Binance, its becomes costly and trivial to be risking by selling into BTC volatility exposure and then trading into USDT. Unfair don't you think paying commission fee twice and dealing with btc volatility risk when you can just make it simple by a single TRX/USDT pairing. 

Therefore this petition is to urge Binance to display its duty of care towards its customers by inspiring them to list a TRX/USDT pair on their exchange as soon as viably possible, giving TRX more freedom from BTC dominance. I urge you to  come forward and play your part by supporting this petition.


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