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Why this petition matters

Started by Abe Allen

This petition calls upon Rushmoor Borough Council (RBC) and Hampshire County Council (HCC) to remove the recently erected bunds on Chapel Lane and replace them with fencing, parking, and bike storage.




Last year, RBC and HCC approved the erection of bunds (mounds of earth) directly opposite the Chapel Lane shops in Fernhill, Farnborough.


The bunds have materialised this year and many local residents have raised concerns. These concerns involve:


1.     Appearance  
The bunds are effectively heaps of mud with some rubble sprinkled on top. Attempts to improve the appearance of the bunds through planting flowers have not improved their image and are unlikely to have a positive impact on their appearance. 

2.     Congestion
Residents have also raised concerns around increased congestion in the shop front lay-by due to fewer parking spaces.

3.     Safety Concerns
There have been reports of children falling into the road and on top of vehicles through climbing the bunds.

4.     Anti-Social Behaviour Concerns

There are concerns that the blossoms may become a target for Anti-Social Behaviour and vandalism.


Whilst residents can appreciate the sentiment behind erecting the bunds (i.e. to prevent dangerous vehicle movements) they are disappointed in local Councillors’ decisions to support such an unsightly and dangerous development in their neighbourhood.


This petition, therefore, calls on RBC and HCC to:


1.     Remove the bunds 
Residents would like to see the re-flattening of the land and the installation of safer and more attractive measures, such as fencing, to prevent the dangerous vehicle movements. 

2.     Additional Parking Spaces
The area previously provided 3 additional parking spaces, which were easily accessible, allowing residents to support local shops and businesses. Residents would like these re-instated with additional parking bays created, should space allow.

3.     Bicycle racks and storage

Many residents would like to use pushbikes for shorter journeys and many children use bikes to and from school. By having safe storage and shelter we can reduce emissions and encourage more bicycle use by providing confidence and assurance that bikes are secure whilst shopping. In turn, this may also encourage more residents to cycle.


Residents within Rushmoor support this petition and through the Petitions Scheme, it is expected that RBC will fully consider this petition once it has reached and/or surpassed 500 signatures within the borough.


Mr Abe Allen

Community Activist

707 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!