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Investigate WorkCover Victoria Corruption

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Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has declared he will enact a federal ICAC-style anti-corruption commission if he wins the next election. Why wait until then? What if Shorten isn’t successful at the next election? This then becomes yet another empty political promise.

The need for such an anti-corruption investigation is long overdue, as corruption has long existed - even under Labor's governance; including that of fellow Labor MP and Victorian Minister for Finance, Robin Scott’s portfolio - despite receiving numerous complaints.

Scott is the Minister responsible for WorkSafe and its operations, including expenditure. Despite Scott’s assurance that:

“I am driven to ensure the State’s finances are managed responsibly and that resources are allocated fairly and put to their highest and best use.”

These finances are being used by WorkSafe’s injured workers branch - WorkCover, to harass, intimidate and grossly violate the rights and privacy of injured workers, via their insurers.

Scott’s political website declares:

“I strongly believe that every worker has the right to go to work and return home safely every day. Workplace health and safety is a key priority of the Andrews Labor Government, as is ensuring that injured workers are given the support they need to get back to work.”

Feeling safe is the most fundamental need for humans to thrive, to not just exist in survival mode. However, the corrupt actions of WorkCover’s insurers undermine this fundamental need through their unethical tactics to get rid of injured workers out of the system.

How would you feel, as an injured worker, if a WorkCover approved service provider was entering the homes of immediate neighbours under the guise of providing their services, while furtively seeking to obtain any information they could about the injured worker to report back to the insurer? Violated, correct?

And what if that service provider had access to your home with a key and would show up at random dates and times, simply letting themselves in unannounced, or went through your personal belongings and took photos in your absence?

Further, to have that service provider constantly stalk and harass you for information?

Or a service provider writing a falsified report at the behest of the insurer, and not having obtained a signed authority to access your medical information before contacting previous medical service providers?

Or the insurer “burying” medical reports favourable to you?

Or Conciliation ignoring previous agreements made?

Or to discover that these service providers were charging in excess of the approved payment codes, or for dates for which they did not provide any service, or a reduced service, yet claiming the higher fee - which appears on your file as if the injured worker is claiming WorkCover excessively?

Interestingly, these same service providers enjoyed family European holidays around the same period.

Or having gone through numerous invasive medical examinations to obtain a Serious Injury Certificate, only to have it go “missing” within the System?

Then, imagine that eventually this long-term intimidation attrition compels you to sell everything and move as you now fear living in your home. So you become homeless, as you are so defeated by your experience that your health falls into further decline. Or in some cases, become suicidal.

This could happen to YOU. If you are injured or become ill at work - is this how you would want to be treated when you have already been traumatized?

And the most aggressive case managers promoted to within the ranks of WorkCover. Effectively, they are rewarded for their behavior in the delaying of claims and processing payments and approving required medical investigations and treatment.

The conduct by these insurers is inhumane and in violation of the Human Right’s Commission’s (HRC) Disability Discrimination Act 1992.  

 The HRC declare:

“The DDA also protects people against harassment because of their disability, in employment, education or in getting or using services.”

These services include those by delivered by the Government.

“Harassment occurs when someone makes you feel intimidated, insulted, humiliated or places you in a hostile environment.”

One of these services is WorkCover and your rights under the WorkCover and the Accident Compensation Act 1985; the Accident Compensation (WorkCover Insurance) Act 1993; and Accident Compensation Regulations 2001.

It was only back in 2015, that Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, sacked the two heads of WorkSafe:  Denise Cosgrove and David Krasnostein, the chief executive and chairman, over the CFA Fiskville water contamination issue.

Andrews had declared:

“I will not be lied to, and I will not accept incompetence.”

If the two heads of this organisation had accepted lies and incompetence, then what model of operation does this provide for the employees within it? That one is recognized and rewarded for these traits?

The insurers’ conduct is also in gross violation of the Magna Carta (Great Charter) of 1297, a copy of which is on prominent display at Parliament House, Canberra. This decree was issued by King John in 1215, between feuding barons, the terms of which were documented as a charter of liberties. Within a few years it was being quoted in individual actions in courts and in petitions and used as a defence of the rights of all against tyranny.

The Magna Carta later came to be seen as a law of laws, and a measure of the legality of all other laws. The king’s promise, in the most famous provisions, of access to justice, was interpreted in the seventeenth century as a fundamental protection of the personal liberties of all subjects, inherent and immutable.  

It is an important legal document which outlines the conduct by which our government must treat its citizens.

“No freeman is to be taken or imprisoned or disseised of his free tenement or of his liberties or free customs, or outlawed or exiled or in any way ruined, nor will we go against such a man or send against him save by lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.”

Magna Carta, chapter 29, 1297

Therefore, if an injured worker is so harassed and intimidated by a WorkCover insurer’s tyranny that they feel they have no choice but to sell their worldly goods and to move from their place of home; thus denying them their liberties; the right to free tenement and to become ruined and exiled - this is in absolute violation of the Magna Carta’s decree and must cease immediately. Further, those engaged in these acts must be held accountable and bought to justice.

WorkCover is an inhumane hostile war of attrition against a section of the most vulnerable in our society. Seeking an adversary against every claimant.


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