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Stop The EPA secret programs!

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Expose the EPA!

Corruption in the Environmental Protection Agency Makes it More Harmful that Good!

Reason 1:

The Environmental Protection Agency makes secret deal with AES multinational Corporation behind closed doors to remove critical pieces of a contract which prohibited the company from dumping toxic coal ash in public landfills. The EPA does nothing and NO media Coverage!

Since 2002, about 300 tons per year of toxic waste has been being dumped by AES Multinational Corporation with levels of Chloride, Chromium, and Arsenic of 9000 times above legal standards. 

In 2014 and 2015 over 350 million tons of AES ash were dumped in public landfills.  Scientist have found elevated levels of arsenic to be one of the chemicals within the toxic ash. 

Senator of Puerto Rico is one of the arrested protestors. No NY media coverage?

Reason: 2

In light of the 2016 study by Environmental Research Letters which claims to debunk the SLAP theory offers no real scientifically significant proof debunking the theory for three simple reasons.  The EPA does nothing and No Media Coverage!

1: Only 77 scientist were surveyed which is a extremely small sample size. The survey of the scientist was not anonymous and the majority of scientist are government employees.

2. One of the Scientist offered compelling evidence to launch further investigation. 

3. Contrails dissipate while Chemical Trails become clouds.  Overwhelming photo evidence. 

#Engineers against Evil.





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