Leave our NYC Wall Street Charging Bull Alone

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A statue of 'Fearless Girl' has been placed in front of the Wall Street Bull on Tuesday March 7th with intent to have her there for several weeks. Now there is a petition asking her to stay permanently. I fully support artists expressing themselves. Now as far as making this a permanent fixture, I find it to be misguided.

The bronze statue of the Bull known as 'Charging Bull' was created by Arturo Di Modica, in celebration of America's recovery of the 1987 stock market crash.  The bull symbolizes 'aggressive financial optimism and prosperity' and has stood since 1989 as a proud symbol of this country's financial rebirth. A 'bull  market' is the expression used to express an upward moving market. 

The Bull is a symbol of prosperity for us all and does not exclude women. I am not separate from the abundance and wealth of this country because of my anatomy. Any claim otherwise is not empowering women, it only perpetuates division and the conversation that women are incapable. We are not incapable, we are powerful.

The 'Fearless Girl' can be placed anywhere in the city and perhaps in a context that would actually support her stance. However, placing her before a symbol of America's prosperity as a stopper to prosperity, is not a symbol of power or empowerment for women it is the opposite. 

For those who are signing the petition for 'Fearless Girl' statue to stay as a symbol of a stopper of American prosperity, perhaps it is time to think twice. We as American's have the privilege to take the time to make petitions about bronze statues when there are real conversations that are requiring our attention. Our homeless for instance which includes our veterans who fought for our freedom. We have people who never expected to be homeless now starving on our streets. This is an important issue that begs attention far more than the request for an ill placed statue to stay put.

People come from all over the world to celebrate the Charging Bull with us. To minimize the Charging Bull, which as become an American symbol of prosperity, and make it an anti-woman or anti-woman-empowerment symbol is far fetched at best and grossly incorrect. Leave our Charging Bull alone. Find another spot for the 'Fearless Girl' to stand appropriately and in correct context.

Mayor Bill De Blasio, I ask that the powerful American symbol of our Charging Bull be allowed to stand as it has stood- powerful and in it's proper context. American prosperity is for all of us, across the gender line. The 'Fearless Girl' can be placed elsewhere after the allotted time in it's present location and in proper context rather than incorrectly as the stopper to American, and therefore her own, prosperity. 

Thank you.

Kristal D. Garcia

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