Restrict Dee Kosh and his associations from being allowed to engage with BTS in Singapore

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Dee Kosh is a YouTuber based in Singapore and DJ of Singapore's local radio station Power 98 FM. 

He has been thrashing BTS and ARMYs since last year by publicly shaming and calling an ARMY b*tch for only knowing BTS as well as unprofessionally claiming that BTS had plastic surgery during his interview with Shawn Mendes. He has denied saying the claim (lying), but let's take a look at the evidence we have:

  • Clip 1: Released video of interview with Shawn Mendes which removed the portion of him claiming BTS had plastic surgery
  • Clip 2: Leaked video of interview with Shawn Mendes which he claimed BTS had plastic surgery 
  • If you watch closely, around 0:12 of Clip 1, you can see Dee Kosh reaching out for his phone before they zoomed in to a closeup shot of Shawn Mendes. After which Shawn commented "They (BTS) were probably the most beautiful guys I've ever seen in my life" and "Truly, I didn't know humans existed that beautiful".
  • At around 0:18 of Clip 1, Dee Kosh responds with "Yeah, they do". The video then abruptly switches back where both of them could be seen and when Dee Kosh has had his phone placed back down on his lap. And the scene is also when Dee Kosh abruptly says "Okay".
  • At around 0:20 of Clip 1, Shawn Mendes carries on saying "And their performance was insane."
  • And at around 1:04 of Clip 2, we can see Dee Kosh putting down his phone while saying "Yeah they do a lot of plastic surgery, but let's go on, okay". The "Yeah they do" and "Okay" are the parts that were cut at around 0:18 of Clip 1.
  • At around 1:07 of Clip 2, Shawn Mendes brushes off Dee Kosh's comment (because he does not know whether or not it is true) and this is followed by Shawn Mendes' exact same reply of "And their performance was insane.", which was what was released at around 0:20 of Clip 1. 
  • Dee Kosh was clearly referring to BTS when he said "they do a lot of plastic surgery". It was completely baseless, unnecessary and unprofessional for him to do so. But not only did he continue to deny that he was referring to BTS, he further reiterated his lie by claiming the leaked Clip 2 could just be a short clip from a different part of the conversation
  • Till date, he has neither properly addressed nor apologize for his words. In the first place, why bring up plastic surgery with Shawn Mendes when it is clearly an irrelevant and sensitive topic?

He also recently tweeted a post insulting BTS' work - masking it as an unpopular opinion - which caused him to receive a wave of backlash from ARMYs. Him saying "BTS songs all sound the same" was akin to saying "All Asians look the same" - obviously an untrue and disrespectful comment. He wasn't stating an opinion, he was masking an insult with the intention to provoke ARMYs

He proceeded to fabricate the lie that ARMYs had caused his YouTube channel to be removed, even posting a video of him crying with the intention to deceive, garner sympathy and further provoked ARMYs, by further reiterating that ARMYs were the cause of his demise.

When ARMYs put up evidence that he was fabricating his sob story, he proceeded to restore his YouTube channel and uploaded a video, giving the sad excuse that he was carrying out a "social experiement". His logic of how ARMYs were showing "mob mentality" is also incorrect and has heavily misinformed the viewers of his video, as ARMYs were clearly responding to him based on their individual stance, not simply because they were influenced by their peers to do so (i.e. the actual definition of mob mentality). Mob mentality can in fact have a positive effect by inducing the modelling of types of behaviour (e.g. my friends are not afraid of dogs, so I should not be afraid too).

Judge for yourself, these were the top few comments on his original tweet, do any of them seem "toxic" to you? (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8) We all know it is neither right nor fair to generalize, so how is it right or fair for the fandom to be called "toxic" due to the actions of a relatively small minority? This is just another heavily flawed reason and justification for his "social experiment" which is essentially spreading misinformation.

His actions have caused much unnecessary distress to and strife within the ARMY fandom. He is also unapologetic and has yet to undertake responsibility for his thoughtless actions.

As such, we are setting up this petition to collate the support to restrict such an irresponsible, unprofessional, disrespectful and dishonest public figure and his associations (i.e. currently Power 98 FM as we are unsure if they have participated in instigating the issue) from being allowed to engage with BTS when they visit Singapore for their LOVE YOURSELF Tour Concert in January 2019.

By doing so, it will reduce the possibility of BTS encountering harassment (e.g. who knows if the DJ will try to initiate another controversial or irrelevant topic with them) or undergo interviews conducted by unprofessional, disrespectful and dishonest interviewers (if Power 98 FM did instigate the issue, who knows if their other DJs may be instructed to do the same?).

Once the petition garners sufficient support, we will be emailing to BigHit for them to review the situation and take appropriate action (e.g. consider a restraining order?) to safeguard the well-being of BTS on behalf of ARMYs. We sincerely hope that BTS will be able to walk the flower path while in Singapore.