Prohibit reselling of BTS concert tickets!

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Hello. I am a member of ARMY, the fan-base of BTS. BigHit  has announced that there will be a world tour which everyone is excited about. I have one major concern: scalpers.

There are many fans that would love to see their idols in concert, but since scalpers are everywhere, it makes it nearly impossible for them. Tickets go on sale and after three minutes, all the tickets are gone. Not even 10 minutes later, scalpers are reselling tickets 2-5x the original price. I believe this is unfair.

It would be much appreciated if it was prohibited to resell these tickets online. I believe everyone should get the chance to see their idols. Everyone should have the chance to be part of the rainbow ocean. The feeling of not being able to see your inspirations because you couldn't afford it is truly heartbreaking.

If we could get enough signatures and attention, BigHit might be able to do something about this. Please sign and spread. It will be much appreciated.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact me @jeonluminous.