BTS tour dates in Australia

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Worldwide sensations BTS are a K-Pop group that have completely blown up in recent years, paving the way for Korean music culture to enter the western world and spread new sounds and beats for curious ears. The group promotes self-love and self-exploration, touching on topics that are considered taboo in Korea and bravely breaking the boundaries. Their newest album, Map of the Soul: Persona, is the fastest selling album of the decade with currently over 3,000,000 preorders.

BTS last toured in Australia in 2017. Many individuals missed their chance to see their favourite group live, but under the impression they were going to return at a later date, they were mildly okay with it. Having not returned since, many fans have been left devastated as they watch American and Japanese fans have the time of their lives as the group returns time and time again to multiple American and Japanese cities.

This may not seem like a huge deal to outsiders, but Australian ARMYs (fans of the group) have been working hard to achieve goals for them in hopes they will return and give us another chance. A few shows in our staple cities by these 7 boys has the power to make thousands of Australian adolescents—and even adults—happier than they’ve ever been before.

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