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BTS are visiting the UK for their Love Yourself Tour for the shows on 9th and 10th of October. Yesterday, 1st June, many fans' dreams had been taken away due to people purchasing tickets and reselling them at prices which were incredibly not affordable and the prices were set to around £1000-£5000 or even more. Obviously as purchasers we cannot change this because reselling is legal under the UK law. Therefore I, as an army, request BTS to have a third show in the UK because the wait has been long and you never know they may not be back to the UK for a very long time. This way for those who didn't get tickets, can have a chance to get them and get them at legit prices without being scammed!

If you sign this petition, you can make a difference to many peoples' lives and bring back their hopes of having a wonderful time at BTS' concert because this is a one and only chance that everyone gets in their loves. Many were disappointed yesterday and the wait can be very long till when they come back next time for a next tour. Thank you and please sign to make a difference.  Fighting! x