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Ask BigBelly to improve their design and stop killing bees

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Solar trash compacting garbage cans are great, they can store up to 5 times the amount a normal bin can. While they are doing a great deal to reduce our carbon footprint, they're also killing hundreds of bees. The bees smell the sweet aromas from the things we throw out and get trapped inside the tops of the compactors where they bake to death in the mini solar oven the can creates between the panel and the lid. Bees are already dying and we shouldn't let this contribute. Bees, although they aren't everyone's favorite animal, deserve to be. They pollinate and help us to grow our food and gardens, without them we couldn't survive. A simple change in the design making the lid of the can sealed or blocking off any ways into the can would be a relatively easy and effective fix. That is why I believe that BigBelly should consider modifying their solar compactor design to improve the positive influence they already have on the earth and it's well being.

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