Quality, not quantity

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Quality, not quantity

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RsB&HMeHrMk Bibo teachers started this petition to Bibo Management

Dear BIBO management team,

First and foremost, we, teachers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro would like to express our gratitude for selecting us to become a part of the BIBO family. Working as online teachers is not just a job for us, but also a unique opportunity to explore online teaching and to develop the skills necessary to provide high-quality educational service. We find teaching very rewarding, as we get to motivate and introduce our students to all the wonders of the English language. In our humble opinion, we do our best to teach, motivate and make sure students continue to learn. We respect BIBO as a company, investing so much in efforts to improve its service and attract not only new customers but also new teachers.

However, although we, as teachers fully understand and value the importance of improving the business model and services, and need to consequently adapt quickly to any and all new teaching materials, policies, rules, etc., there is one issue that leads us to question to what extent BIBO acknowledges our professionalism, potential, motivation, and efforts in general. A major influx of new consultants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro, were offered a salary of only $1.4 per class, which is extremely low considering the cost of living in our countries, especially for teachers and teaching professionals.

Undoubtedly, most of us gained a lot of useful experience in the field of online teaching, meeting people from basically all Asian countries and also a truly professional and friendly relationship with Teachers’ Support.

Most of us have introduced and recommended the company to our family and friends because of its conditions, a unique system of education and very enjoyable working environment, but with this decrease in compensation, we would no longer recommend anyone to apply. Nonetheless, teachers are expected to react promptly to all newly introduced policies and teaching materials. For us, that is a great challenge which motivates us professionally, but we feel our motivation ought to be roused also by reasonable monetary compensation.

The cost of living in our countries is increasing but our wages have not increased to reflect this change. This is why many of us feel that we are not adequately compensated for our service. Take note that teachers from our region are well educated, hardworking and compassionate which all students can confirm. Our effort is the foundation on which this company rests.

We would appreciate it if you would take the following under consideration:

  • Teachers’ motivation and productivity are directly impacted by how much our work is valued.
  • It would not be unlikely for teachers who are under the impression that their work and efforts are not respected by the company to seek other schools and thus leave BIBO. BIBO Global Opportunity has built its reputation not only amongst its students but also among teachers. We are not only stipulating that teachers will consider leaving the company but also many potential teachers will be discouraged to join due to poor payment conditions.
  • Teachers’ trust in BIBO is seriously shaken and dissatisfaction could easily lead to measures and actions that would be taken by teachers to express their disappointment openly and directly.
  • Working for BIBO requires a thorough familiarity with various teaching materials, which are constantly changed, updated, and expanded to include new skills and policies. As a result, teachers continually invest efforts in order to keep up with the updates and offer students the highest quality classes.
  • Bearing all the above-mentioned in mind, teachers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro would be most grateful if you would consider our proposal to raise the payment to $3 per lesson, for all teachers, both new and old.

As previously mentioned, many teachers have recommended and introduced their friends and families to working at BIBO Global Opportunity. Moreover, teachers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro are communicating and exchanging their experience through various social groups and networks, as well as teachers from other online schools which allows us to compare our experience, company policies and salaries.

As stated by Mr. Uesawa, teaching is a ‘valuable service’ and we do our best to inspire our students, to ignite the love of learning and, of course, to transfer the knowledge. However, we also expect our efforts to be recognized and valued. We are aware of the convenience and advantages of teaching from our homes, but it is still a responsible and demanding job.

Finally, one of the company’s mottos is: ‘Trust is more valuable than money.’ Even though BIBO as a company has managed to build its reputation as a respectful and honest employer who employs probably several hundreds of teachers from the Balkans, and successfully created an enjoyable working environment, trust of the teachers from this region would be regained if you would kindly recognize the amount of effort and dedication we put in teaching our students and reward it accordingly.

We look forward to hearing from you with your decision within one week.
The official mail: bibopetition2016@gmail.com

Kind regards,

The undersigned BIBO teachers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro


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This petition had 960 supporters