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Support Vismaya and Sarang, children of Marxist Violence victim Santhosh Andallur.

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Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi,

 This appeal and signature campaign is the result of frustration and agony from reporting ceaseless attacks against RSS/ BJP activists in Kannur and Kerala.  As you know Kannur has been a place of grief and tears since the murder of Vadikkal Ramakrishnan in 1967. It is a breeding ground for blind political rivalry and grudge. Mainly, a one sided attack and our Sangh Parivar has been the victim of communist cruelty all these years with a spike of violence when they assume power.  Though, there are hundreds of heinous murders occurred including that of Jayakrishnan Master in front of his 6th grade students in the class room and that of Shareerik Shikshan Pramukh, Manoj, I would like to emphasize two crimes that happened in 1994 and 2017 because of some coincidence and contrast which needs to evaluated for the continued support from common public.

Sadanandan Master who was as RSS Karyakarta from Kannur in 1994 and a BJP candidate in 2016 assembly election from Kannur whom you held hands to show off the will power and perseverance of an exemplary Swayamsevak.  23 years ago, on a January 25th he was about to walk home from the neighboring bus stop around 8:30 PM on the way back from taking care of something for his sister’s wedding to be held in February.  Suddenly, a bunch of thugs caught him from behind, held his face down on the ground and chopped both his legs off in few seconds.  None dared to approach him and waited till the police came to take him to the hospital after 15 minutes.  Fortunately, he did not lose his life but unfortunately, lost his both legs.   In the end of the day, he could walk in front of his attackers like a champion and led a model Swayamsevak life and he could take care of his family which includes his wife and daughter.  Otherwise charismatic and compassionate personality, the only fault his rivals found in him was the ideology he believed in and practiced. 

Now, the latest appalling political murder occurred in Kannur is that of Santhosh who was a staunch Swayamsevak and a BJP candidate of 2015 local election from Andallur, Dharamadam, Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan’s own constituency.  Andallur is a red fort and none has the freedom to follow anything other than communism.  Many of Santhosh’s family are communist and he is one of the finest gentlemen in the village.  He belonged to a poor family and worked hard as laborer to meet the ends.  . He has a small hut with two small rooms, lacks any basic commodities of a normal household such as a tele vision. His wife and daughter have been going to maternal house to sleep over because they were using the one room for the newly hatched chicken.  Therefore, the communist brutes were aware that he was alone at home. They barged into his house in the middle of the night and chopped his legs, arms and pierced a spear through the spine which went through his liver and left him bleed to death.  Despite having such humble background, he raised his children the most efficient way he could.  Attached photos will tell how humble his household is and the videos will tell how brilliant his daughter, Vismaya is and how diligently he raised them. Unlike our Sadanandan Master, these Santhosh is not alive today to provide for them and it is not fair to leave them to the mercy for common public to support them.  It is the responsibility of the world’s largest political party to fulfill this father’s dream of bringing up these kids to his expectation.  

 Therefore, we the people of Kerala who had witnessed innumerous political killings are appealing to the Honorable Prime Minister of India and the president of Bharatiya Janatha Party, Shri. Amit Shah to have the BJP takes care of Sarang (Diploma Student) and Vismaya till they complete their studies.  This would give hope to RSS/BJP activists and followers that they live for an ideology they adore and will be taken care of in need.

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