Sydney University Must Take Action Against Bettina Arndt's Violent Protesters

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The riot squad was called recently to Sydney University to remove an abusive mob of protesters trying to stop Bettina Arndt talking about the fake rape crisis. Until the police were called, the mob was preventing Bettina's audience from reaching the venue, despite the efforts of university security guards who were overwhelmed by the violent students. The University charged the Liberal Club students nearly $500 for this security. 

Bettina Arndt has written to the Vice Chancellor asking for that money to be refunded to the Liberal Club students. It had been partially funded by Bettina's crowd-funder for her Fake Rape Crisis Campus Tour. Bettina is speaking on campuses about the misleading feminist campaign to deny the safety of our universities for young women. See her YouTube video about what has happened so far on her tour.

Bettina has also asked that Sydney University make formal complaints against key protest organisers for breaching the University’s Code of Conduct and Bullying and Harassment policies.

See Bettina's new YouTube video which spells out multiple breaches to these policies by the following people: Madeline Ward;Jessica Syed;Kim Murphy;Lily Campbell and Jazz Breen.

Bettina has provided the university with extensive video footage of these organisers in action at the demonstration and other evidence of their involvement. She's also included witness statements from many members of her audience who were abused and harassed by these people. 

Prompted by Bettina's clash with Sydney University, the new Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan is proposing a plan for protesters to have to pay for security rather than the people they are protesting against – here he is on ABC’s Insiders programme. (See from 8.39 to the end). 

Sign our petition demanding Sydney University return the Liberal Club students' security fee and take action against the named protesters.