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Fullfill last wish of Cem korkmaz, our best friend

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Our close friend Cem Korkmaz recently commited suicide. And we want to make one of his dream come true and also a tribute to him. He always wanted to be in Skyrim he was a huge Bethesda fan and a big fan of TES series he is the prson that got most of us into skyrim to begin with so we want to make a tribute and we hope bethesda will see this and understand what and why were trying to do this.
To make a sumarry about the character he always wanted to be a cave dwelling khajit
And now for real if bethesda sees this we would like his character to be in the game somehow living in a cave near windhelm with a dark past and now a peaceful mind one with the nature a true pacifist kind hearted khajit named DoRa' Dah we just want our friends dream to come true and we would be very happy if you would help us with it.

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