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Better Aim Controller Support in Doom VFR (PSVR).

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The VR implementation is lacking and the Aim Controller implementation is poorly thought out. A few simple tweaks could change everything.

Simple but essential fixes:

  1. The secondary weapon/hand shouldn't appear at all - I'm holding the main gun with both hands. (Disable dual weilding completely is simple)
  2. Strafing moves weapon to opposite side which makes aiming impossible 
  3. Guns bob when I move - even though I'm holding the controller steady 
  4. Add option for left handed play, option to inverse commands between the two analogic sticks

Other desirable fixes:

  1. Hands appear out of the side of your head
  2. Larger guns aren't position correctly and clip through you and are seen to be hollow
  3. Model your other hand holding the barrel of each gun
  4. No ability to remap buttons - square for secondary fire?
  5. 'bezerk fists' are weird when holding a gun - maybe change to striking with the gun?
  6. Attach a grenade launcher to each gun, or just have a grenade fire out of the barrel or over the shoulder
  7. Teleport pointer could go straight from the weapon, and player can target his grenades wherever he looks.
  8. Add forcefeedback - come on guys...!


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