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Block the enactment of bill AB-63. Changing the age of acquiring a CA license to 21.

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Bill AB-63 changes the rules and restrictions pertaining to obtaining a Driver's License in California.The bill accurately addresses many issues involving new drivers and justifiably maintains that these new drivers (specifically those over the age of 18) should have more regulations in place to ensure that they  are completing the necessary training courses and obtaining driving experience safely. However, the bill contains a clause that could potentially be very damaging to the lives and families of new drivers and infringes on the rights of adults 18 years and older.

"This bill would, commencing January 1, 2020, raise the required age of the California-licensed driver to 21 years of age."

We should all have three main contentions with this bill:

1) It places extreme travel restrictions on all provisionally licensed persons under the age of 21, such as curfews and passenger restrictions. A legal adult should not be subject to a curfew regardless of the fact that he is operating a vehicle. This is an attack on individual liberty and should not be allowed or condoned by the California legislative process.

2) It has the potential to severely damage the freedom and prosperity of thousands of young Californians. Young adults would be restricted from having passengers with them outside of the legal guidelines allowed (which are very limited). Continually, if these young adults are involved in an accident while carrying a passenger outside the law it could very well be grounds for dismissal of coverage by the insurance companies leaving many young adults with thousands of dollars in medical and automotive bills. We shouldn't be condoning any drivers to operate vehicles outside the law, but it's asking too much of young people to restrict their usage for potentially 5 years after receiving the licenses.

3) It is unequal treatment under the law. The fact is young adults, depending on the age they obtain there provisional license would require unequal amounts of time or "driving experience" before they are legally allowed to receive their license. There is no legal distinction made between a 19 and a 20 year old adult, yet if the 19 year old received his license on his 19th birthday he would require 2 years of having a provisional license, when, if the 20 year old (if he received his license on his 20th birthday, would only require one year of having his provisional license. It is unfair and unequal.


This bill should not be signed as it is an attack on personal liberty and the financial prosperity of young Californians.


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