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Justice for 3 Pits

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On Monday, June 12, 2017, a Q13 News article blew up on social media. The article discussed a young boy of 8 years old who trespassed into a neighbors yard to retrieve a ball he had lost. The neighbors have 3 pitbulls kept in a closed, fenced-in backyard. The young boy, after being warned before not to hop the fence, took it upon himself to proceed jumping into the neighbors yard to retrieve his ball. When he hopped the fence, he was attacked by the dogs, leaving him with marks and scratches. The dogs have since been quarantined and deemed "dangerous," and are now required to be held in a 6-sided kennel when outside in an already fenced-in backyard. They are also required to now wear a muzzle when not in their home or kennel, and must be attended by an adult capable of control when being walked. You can view the article here:


The purpose in this petition is to defend the pits where they were not at fault. The boy trespassed into their yard and the dogs acted as any dogs would do in the situation. It's unfair that the dogs are to be punished simply because a child didn't have the discipline to know not to trespass onto someone else's property. Pitbulls are not dangerous breeds and it's time to start working towards ending the stigma that they are.

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