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Stop the U.S. government legalising trade in ivory and increases in trophy hunting.

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One elephant is killed every fifteen minutes for its ivory (iWorry, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, 2017).

The survival of the elephant species depends on us doing all we can to stop the African Elephant Conservation and Legal Ivory Possession Act
(Bill Number: HR 226) from coming to pass.

This Bill would allow ivory to be traded both, within the U.S. and also to be imported and exported. This is despite the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service banning the sale of elephant ivory in interstate commerce. Conservation experts agree that any trade in ivory only serves to undermine efforts to stop poaching and trophy hunting as it keeps the demand for ivory alive.

This Bill is entirely audacious because it uses legitimate elephant conservation measures as a thin veil of justification for trophy hunting and ivory trading. Anti-poaching units/programs are exploited in this Bill by painting a picture that anti-poaching measures can work alongside trophy hunting. This is a gross fabrication.

It is estimated that as many as 25,000 elephants are killed each year (iWorry, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, 2017).

Poaching has driven down numbers of African elephants to approximately 350,000 in total. These are horrifying statistics, particularly considering that in 1979 there were estimated 1.3 million African elephants (Born Free Foundation, 2017).

If poaching/hunting continues, the African elephant could be extinct by 2020 (WildAid, 2014).

According to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, "A living elephant is worth a staggering 76 times more alive than dead for its tusks. The loss of Africa’s elephants threatens Africa’s economies - and travel companies offering a chance to see the species - and highlights the need for global action".


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