Protect our Nations Ecosystem.

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I Would like to solve the problem of us humans polluting and destroying ecosystems.Most adults think kids can't make a change well that's why I've come to prove kids can make a difference!Human's can hurt and help but most humans don't actually know their hurting the habitats of animals and fellow humans.If we keep on littering,polluting,and taking habitats from animals our world will continue to change,and not in a good way.A landfill in New York is so large it can be seen from outer space!People think burring trash can get rid of it.Well,No it can't!It only affects the soil in the ground.Another thing we cause is extinction by tearing down habitats and building houses and supermarkets.I mean how many more Walmart's do we actually need!We need to learn how use resources wisely.Did you know that if we recycled one ton of paper it would save seventeen trees,and if we recycled half of the worlds paper it would free 20 million acres of forest land.I hope after reading this petition you help the Earth by not littering.Thank You!