Bring Maggie Sawyer and Sanvers back to Supergirl

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This is a call to The CW, Berlanti productions, and the Supergirl executive producers to bring Maggie Sawyer and Sanvers back to Supergirl. We, as fans of the show, deserve to see the LGBT representation you so freely promoted in season two. Moreover, we deserve to see our stories played out in the media and treated with the same respect, care, and screentime afforded to straight characters. It is wholly irresponsible to parade around positive LGBT rep, and then tear it away by leaving the only canon lesbian character on your show miserable and alone.

As creators, you have an obligation to be socially conscious of the sorely underrepresented minority group you are representing through these characters. The media is a powerful tool, and to send the message to countless LGBT youth who see their stories being told through Maggie Sawyer that you too will end up alone, abandoned by your original family and your new family, is a truly toxic sentiment to convey.

Maggie Sawyer was treated unfairly, that is a statement of truth that anybody who watched the show in an unbiased manner can attest to. Her character was never developed beyond the love interest, her screen time was regulated to, on average, 2 minutes per episode, and all of the scenes she did have revolved around her relationship—wherein she was a prop, never a full and equal participant. Moreover, we have since learned that 75% of sanvers scenes were cut, meaning 75% of Maggie Sawyer’s scenes were cut as we established above that all of Maggie’s scenes revolved around that relationship.

Maggie Sawyer is an iconic lesbian comic character with years of history as an out and proud lesbian. Her character was on the forefront of LGBT representation in popular media. For you to so grossly mistreat her and disgard the historical and social weight of her legacy is apprehensible. The only possible way you could rectify the situation as it stands today is by bringing Maggie Sawyer back to the show and treating her with the respect she deserved in season 2.

Maggie Sawyer and Sanvers have changed lives by helping individuals accept and love their own identities. A GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) award nomination proves that the fans are not the only ones who believe this.  They have provided a source of strength and inspiration for a vulnerable community to continue striving forward in the hopes that it will get better. They have showed so many that they are worthy of love and happiness.

We deserve to see a continuation of Maggie Sawyer’s story and of the story of sanvers on screen. Our voices deserve to be heard, and we refuse to be silenced. #MaggieMatters #SanversMatters #LGBTFansMatter