Repeal Bergen County Blue Law

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Repeal the very outdated blue laws in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Getting rid of the outdated law would not only raise plenty of revenue in taxes for the county (which I think is much needed and could be utilized for road repairs and other crucial improvements) but would also help county residents save precious time.

Why should we drive miles and miles to other counties, raise their revenues if we have stores near by? Driving to other counties for shopping creates unnecessary traffic and congestion beyond belief in malls. Have any of you experienced circling the mall's parking lot for half an hour to secure a parking spot, waiting 30 minutes in line to get a burger in the food court and prayed that you and your family is lucky enough to find a sit to eat? And that's all on a Sunday, one of the only two (for the lucky ones who actually get two days off) free days we get in a week, to run our errands, and buy clothes, appliances or other necessities, take kids to swim or karate classes, attend birthday parties or family functions...We are wasting precious times in traffic and lines because our county's stores are closed.

Also, wanted to ask you all, did any of you notice how everybody leaves grocery shopping for Sundays? Well of course if food shopping this is the only thing you can accomplish on Sundays it's understandable. Couple of Sundays ago I wet to Teterboro Costco on a Sunday, only to enter a what looked like a war zone or an approaching apocalypse. Cart upon cart, standstill in aisles. I've been shoved by some people and hit by few carts. But this is what Sunday food shopping looks in Bergen County.

Keeping stores opened on Sunday also gives additional opportunity for high school or college students to make their own money, they can't work during the week obviously due to being in school but on weekends they have time to work and lessen the burden on their supporting parents.

Overall, I believe everyone wins if the blue law is repealed, the Bergen County by earning additional revenue, Bergen County residents by having extra time to purchase necessary goods ad stop worrying how they can fit running all errands into Saturday, the residents in counties without blue laws (finally having their road and stores to themselves), Jewish community members who are unable to shop on Saturdays due to their beliefs, and students who wish to work on the weekends.

I am a family oriented person, I love to spend time with my daughter, my sisters, my parents. I go to church on Sundays. I work Monday to Friday. I don't need Blue Law to tell me to spend time with my loved ones, I don't think Westfield being open on Sunday would tear my family apart, but I do know it would sure make my life easier.

Please, lets come together strong this time and let's repeal this ancient law that does not belong in our County anymore.

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