Evict Alton Gas - I support The Treaty Beneficiary Association of the Mi'kmaq People

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I support the protection of the Sipekne'katik River statement by The Treaty Beneficiary Association on February 13th, 2019 

"The Treaty Beneficiary Association of the Mi'kmaq Nation, representing the protection of  Mi'kmaq National Interests, are Evicting all Alton Gas Company resource based work from our territory. The work this Company proposes will further damage the ecological balance of the Sipekne'katik River, threatening species that have lived alongside Us for thousands of years, and are connected to Our irreplaceable and invaluable Creator Given Benefit. The Sipekne'katik River holds immense historical and cultural significance to the Mi'kmaq Nation, and People. The Eviction of Alton Gas Company work from our territory is non-negotiable. The disturbance and intended harm to the Sipekne'katik River has cost enough time from the lives of Our People, and it must not cost our next generations."