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Every 24th of June, Manila celebrates its foundation date in a festive celebration called "Araw ng Maynilà" (Manila Day). However, this petition seeks to further shed light on the matter, that the said date serves not only as the foundation date of the country's CAPITAL but also of the whole country.

Take note that I put emphasis on the word CAPITAL.

Remember that Manila was founded and established as a CAPITAL CITY on 24 June 1571. Because it is a fact that the Filipino State was simultaneously founded with the establishment of Manila as capital city on the date mentioned. Think about this: why should there be a CAPITAL CITY —the seat of a central government with laws— WITHOUT a corresponding State to govern in the first place?

Our history teachers and books often teach us that Manila was founded on 24 June 1571 as the capital city. And just that. Nothing else follows. The question now is: the capital city of WHAT? Logic dictates that if there is a capital city, naturally there should be a state that it has to govern, and it doesn’t even matter if this state is a colony or an independent one. These history teachers and books always fail to teach us that with the establishment of Manila as the city capital, the founding of the Filipino State was also established. Our educational system has also glossed over the fact that from 24 June 1571, the Filipino State began to exist as a jurisdictional reality up to the present time.

Furthermore, it is wrong to say that 12 June 1898 is the birth of our country. The existence of our country did not happen overnight. It had to evolve from something else. Filipinas, which many now call The Philippines, was already existing even before 12 June 1898. Here is an analogy: my alma mater, Adamson University, is now 81 years old. But it did not immediately start as a university. It was first founded in 1932 as the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry. It only achieved university status in 1941. Should we now say that there was no Adamson before 1941? In the same vein, should we say that there was no Filipinas before 1898? 

Ever since the concept of time (especially with the invention of the calendar) was realized by man, it has become an important tradition for almost all individuals, organizations, and territorial units (places) to commemorate how they first came into being. A birth celebrates and recognizes existence. With each passing of time, this significant and memorable event becomes a very appealing milestone, aged and respected by tradition and memory. Celebrating birth dates is simply not about parties and excessive celebrations alone. An individual, organization, or territorial unit that does not celebrate a birth date is like a person who has lost his memory. That is why we Filipinos have to recognize and value the importance of having to celebrate our country's foundation day: it also instills in us a sense of national pride and identity.

We invite our leaders in Malacañang Palace to once and for all recognize this very significant date in our national lives. Hopefully, every 24th of June, all of us would heartily greet our country a "¡Feliz cumpleaños, Filipinas!", or a "Happy Birthday Philippines!", or in whatever indigenous tongue we grew up with.

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