Petition Closed is changing for the worse -- and just fired the one person on their staff who tried to make sure you knew about it.

As the Huffington Post reported, ", the online social movement company founded on progressive values, has decided to change its advertising policy to allow for corporate advertising, Republican Party solicitations, astroturf campaigns, anti-abortion or anti-union ads and other controversial sponsorships, according to internal company documents."

HuffpoST also reported that wasn't planning to tell its users about these changes -- so they promptly fired the employee who leaked the info.

Tell to  come out clean and reinstate the fired staffer right away.

Letter to
The world's platform for change
Reinstate the Whistleblower

Dear Ben Rattray

Your decision to start hosting campaigns by right-wing organisations and corporations is bad enough -- but your decision to fire the worker who made sure you couldn't pull the wool over our eyes is just unbelievable.

You need to reinstate the worker right away -- or provide an ample severance package if they (understandably) don't want to help you shill for causes that they and your users don't believe in. built its reputation on arming Davids to take on the Goliaths of the Now it seems that you think David and Goliath should be on the same team.

You did not plan to reach out to its base of progressive users about the change. The internally leaked document reads "[W]e have no plans to proactively tell users about the new design or our new mission, vision, or advertising guidelines.

According to your FAQs , for change .org it will be a BIG YES NOW TO -Republicans,
Astroturfing campaigns, Corporations. About Hate groups - you say If a large organization like the The Southern Poverty Law Center( SPLC )says they're a hate group no, but otherwise yes.

For you -Anti-abortion, Pro-gun, Union-busting, Animal cruelty is Yes. and you say "We are open to organizations that represent all points of view, including those with which we personally (and strongly) disagree."

Your advertising policy shift demonstrates the potential perils of for-profit companies founded on progressive values, and shows the power of money . You have literally betrayed all the active users of, including me and taken advantage of our issues and petitions for increasing your own database.

With this new openness, now anyone is eligible to advertise with you for profit. So after I sign a petition for gay rights, women's rights and all of the other human rights issues, I might find a link to a sponsored petition that i was'nt expecting. Stop the Criminalization of Traditional Marriage! Give Legal recognition to Khap Panchayats ! etct etc

I demand- You come out clean and transparently about your policy and spell out very clearly your agenda and do not play with words ,if you are going to allow right wing, Corporate, Anti-Abortion, GOP Campaigns.

and I demand you reinstate the whistleblower who leaked the internal documents.

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