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Confirm your chocolate isn't coming from child slavery

Ben & Jerrys has some of the tastiest and most creative flavors on the market! So it was no surprise that dairy free folks rejoiced when they launched their line of non-dairy ice cream! 

Being a progressive company, this move showed not only their desire to be inclusive to those that avoid dairy, but that they understand their customer's concerns about the dairy industry.

We are asking that Ben & Jerry's take the next step and disclose where their chocolate is sourced from so their customers can be assured their ice cream doesn't support abuses in the chocolate industry. 

The chocolate industry has a terrible history of exploiting child labor, including using child slaves, in order to harvest cacao in West Africa. The Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.) is an organization doing amazing work to spread awareness about the terrible exploitation taking place, as well as maintaining a list of F.E.P. approved chocolate companies. 

(For more information about FEP and the chocolate industry: 

Ben & Jerrys please respond to The Food Empowerment Project's request to disclose where your chocolate is sourced from so you can confirm your chocolate does not come from child slavery. Your customers would love to see you on the F.E.P's recommended chocolate list! 

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