Lets make the ice cream flavors Stark Raving Hazelnuts and Hunka-Hulka Burnin' Fudge real

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In Avengers: Infinity War there were two fictitious ice cream flavors that were briefly mentioned about; Stark Raving Hazelnuts and Hunka-Hulka Burnin' Fudge. It was merely a nod to the best ice cream company ever, but now that the Infinity Saga has come to an end I believe it would be awesome if Ben & Jerry's actually made these flavors and maybe even more for other characters. This would not only serve as a great marketing campaign for Avengers: Endgame, benefiting both Marvel and Ben & Jerry's, but it would also be a fantastic tribute to what very well may be the best movie series of all time. Also, I just really want to know what they would actually taste like.