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Stop the rodeo from coming to town

The average 'Joe' is unaware of the animal cruelty that goes on behind the scenes of a rodeo.
All they are able to see is the fast action and quickly get caught up in the whooping of the crowd.
These spectators and non-animal people do not see the harm in electric prods used during training, massive spurs on an unsteady leg during broncing, bucking straps tied tightly around the flank area to encourage higher kicks. They don't see the problem with taking a young calf and training it to run like hell, only to be roped at high speeds, yanked backwards roughly, and tied up. They don't see the awkward and painful contortions that steer wrestling entails. They don't see the psychological and emotional damage that these events inflict.
Rodeos have gotten away with animal cruelty for too long and people are easily swayed by the financial profits and cheap entertainment.
It's embarrassing and despicable that Belleville is hopping on the rodeo bandwagon and agreeing to support such a heinous event.

I know there is little we can do to stop this event, but it's certainly a topic worth educating others on.

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