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Belic Bear and FurFright, Inc.: Discontinue the use of Dorsai Irregulars as a security force at FurFright

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Actions taken by Dorsai Irregular volunteers at FurFright 2012 compromised the safety of attendees during a building evacuation. When a fire alarm was activated within the building, attendees were not directed to a single evacuation point. Many attendees were instructed to go "up the hill" towards the parking garage and away from the building. Other attendees were instructed to congregate in front of the building near the main entrance to the parking lot. As the situation progressed, individuals at the parking garage were told to move down the hill and towards the main entrance; forcing them to walk directly next to the building. Had this been an actual fire this may have resulted in injury as people walked by. Individuals at the front of the building were told "move back, go that way" without any specific direction. This resulted in the entrance to the parking lot being blocked as attendees were made to stand directly in the driveway before being moved later. This disorganization indicated a lack of planning before the incident and a lack of communication during it. It also displayed a lack of a clear disaster plan or any pre-selected evacuation points.

In addition to the fire alarm, Dorsai Irregulars exceeded their authority in several specific incidents throughout the convention. Dorsai members left convention space and walked through hotel hallways. As they moved throughout the halls they knocked on doors of guests; instructing some individuals to quiet down, stop partying, follow a "curfew," or in one case, to look to a convention attendee who had allegedly damaged a ceiling tile. Attendees also experienced situations in which they were asked for identification, convention badges or hotel key cards to enter the hotel lobby. Those refusing to display identification were harassed, threatened with arrest or followed back to their rooms. In all of these situations, the Dorsai demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of their authority and its limits. As they are not members of the police, they do not have the authority to detain individuals or demand to see identification outside of convention space.

This petition is meant to present a clear voice to FurFright and express these concerns without malice. As attendees of FurFright, we care deeply about the convention and the charity work it performs. We, the undersigned attendees, feel it would be preferable to remove the Dorsai and prevent the legal repercussions of potential legal action from these, and any future, alleged incidents. We support similar actions of any other like-minded individuals who have experienced similar situations at conventions in their local areas.

By way of citation only, additional first hand reports are mentioned below.

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