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Belgaum City Corporation, Karnataka State Government: Retain the Vaccine Depot and use it as a Botanical Garden / Heritage Park


The city of Belgaum provides a very gloomy example of over-densification. From the statue of Rani Chennamma in the north to the southern end of Shahapur and from the CBT in the east to Bogarves in the West there are only a handful of really big trees that can purify the air, converting dangerous carbon gases into oxygen. The tiny parks in between have only ornamental trees.

As the number of vehicles in the city increases by the hour, – and each petrol or diesel burning vehicle adds to carbon fumes to the stench of rotting garbage and evaporating urine – the respiratory problems of the people of Belgaum keep increasing.

The city survives because of four lungs – the Fort, the Vaccine Depot, the Camp area and the Race Course. These four are the ‘oxygen factories’ of the city. Three of them survive because they are in Cantonment – and under the control of the Central Government.

The one that is now in the State Government hands – Vaccine Depot – is about to disappear !

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Photo Credit: Shreyas Saralaya

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