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Petition to Update HOA Covenants for Summer Glen & Bellewood

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By signing this petition you are in agreement to change covenants and feel it is time to begin that process. Please read side by side with current covenants to view potential changes. 

Our Homeowners Association covenants are over a decade old and in need of updating. We want to encourage changes not only to include how our neighborhood has evolved over the years but also to include changes within the existing covenants. There is a strong sense of pride to maintain property values and keep our neighborhood beautiful; there is also a strong need to be able to live fully without jeopardizing our standards. The changes would be as follows:

Covenant 1. Keep

Covenant 2. No single family residence shall be created, altered, placed or permitted to remain on any lot other than one detached single-family dwelling which does not exceed two and a half stories in height, as measured from the highest adjacent public sidewalk grade elevation. The main body of the dwelling shall be painted in earth tone colors. 

Covenant 3. No billboards, unsightly objects or nuisances shall be erected, placed or permitted to remain on any lot except one sign per lot as “for sale” or “for rent”. Temporary signage of a reasonable time frame for said event such as a relevant campaign, election, school function, church function, student activity support, is permitted. Only home occupation business allowed by virtue of city ordinance shall be conducted on any lot. No premise shall be used in any way for any purpose which may endanger the health or unreasonably disturb the owner or owners of any lot or any resident thereof. 

Covenant 4. Keep

Covenant 5. Keep

Covenant 6: No grading or excavating equipment, tractors, or semi-tractors/trailers shall be stored, parked, kept, or maintained in any yard, driveways, or streets. All residential lots shall provide at least the minimum number of off street parking areas or spaces for private passenger vehicles required by the applicable ordinances of the governing jurisdiction. 

Covenant 7. No incinerator or trash burner shall be permitted on any lot. Ability to keep garbage cans on the front or side of homes in a neat and orderly fashion (not overflowing) No lawn or maintenance equipment of any kind shall be stored or remain outside of any dwelling or storage facility except when in use. No garbage, refuse, rubbish, or cutting shall be deposited on any street, road or lot. Retractable clothesline permitted. 

Covenant 8. Keep

Covenant 9. Keep

Covenenant 10. Keep

Covenant 11. Keep

Covenant 12. Keep

Covenant 13. No animals or livestock shall be raised, bred, or kept on any lot except that dogs, cats, poultry, or other household pets may be kept, provided they are not bred or maintained for commercial purposes. Raising poultry must be in ordinance with the Douglas County Health Department.

Covenant 14. No stable for livestock shall be erected, placed or permitted to remain on any lot except for one dog house per one dog. Dog houses shall only be allowed at the rear of the residence. Chicken coops permitted at the rear of residence and must follow the ordinance as written by the Douglas County Health Department.

Covemant 15. Keep

Covenant 16. Null and void as all lots are full

Covenant 17. No carport or detached garage shall be erected or used on any lot at any time. 

Covemant 18. Null and void as all lots are full

Covenant 19. Keep

Covenant 20. Keep

Covenant 21. Null and void as all lots are full

Covenant 22. Keep

Addition to Covenants: Ability to enjoy and maintain the outlots and common areas which are shared by our community.

These are the targeted concerns that have already been addressed by a portion of our neighborhood and have been decided upon for revision. The above verbiage provides perspective but know there will be additional changes in regard to terms such as “Declarant” and “Vacant Lots”. We hope to be a fun, close knit community recognized in Nebraska as the first neighborhood to successfully change and update active HOA covenants which continue to grow, prosper, and offer flexibility as well as innovative leadership for our neighbors.

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