Stop the Demolition of Heritage Buildings and Houses in Beirut

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Regardless of the numerous shouts that called for the salvation of what is left of our heritage homes and buildings that are continuously being demolished and torn down to make way for ugly and worthless towers and commercial structures, money grubbing warts and construction executives are robbing our city of its last standing houses and buildings that have irreplaceable and intricately beautiful designs that reflect the historical wealth and distinct identity of our historical city. Till now, there has not been a single step to pass strict and punishing laws that refrain and stop those construction companies tearing down our heritage identity. Moreover, the Municipality of Beirut, the Shouts Council and the Ministry of Culture are not taking this seriously. We demand that this Demolition stops immediately, and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers put an end to this cultural massacre. We demand that all Demolition activities stop immediately for the sake of preserving our structural heritage. Among the dangerous threats include Lychee Abdul Kader (LAK), a beautiful 160 year old beautiful building of distinct significance is threaten to be demolished for the sake of building a worthless mall in a distinctively historical area, in addition to a few others around Hamra Street.

We demand that this stops immediately, have the Municipality of Beirut purchase those properties and preserve them.