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NOTE: THIS IS A PETITION ON BEHALF OF STUDENTS. THIS IS NOT A CANCELLATION OF FINALS. Due to inclement weather procedure, a lot of instructional days have been lost to the snow. Continuing on course with Final Exams in the week of January 30th to February 2nd would not be advised for two reasons.

1) Quality of Material Taught in the Next Few Days (4 Class Periods): Teachers will be struggling to make up for missed instructional time in order to teach all the material before finals. Students will not be able to retain what they are taught if it is not taught properly. In no way are teachers at fault as they are struggling to layout material in the best way possible. But it's a hassle and can be avoided

2) Addition of Instructional Time: Many High School students are enrolled in IB/AP courses. These courses administer exams in mid-May and it is quite difficult to cover the course material in the regular school year itself. Replacing Final Exams week with instructional time would prove to be beneficial as it provides more days to make up for missed material and properly understanding it(that would be rushed otherwise). 

THREE Possible Solutions:

1) Make Final Exams Optional: Making Final Exams optional would allow more instructional time and allow kids and teachers to teach and retain course material. Students who would like to take a Final Exam may do so by taking it after school or during a Study Hall Period (which is up to teacher discretion).

2) Let Teachers Schedule Final Exams: By replacing finals week with instructional days material can be taught at a reasonable pace. Also, teachers can still schedule final exams on their own time (1-2 weeks later) as it is possible to edit the first semester grade after the semester has ended.

3) Extend First Semester (Postpone Final Exams): Although this solution is not as effective as the first one, nor does it solve for the second issue, it is still beneficial to hold Final Exams 1-2 weeks later. That way, teachers and students can recover from the break and teach material at a pace that is less hectic.




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