Remove Jeffree star/ Shane dawson products from beauty bay

Remove Jeffree star/ Shane dawson products from beauty bay

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Gracie D started this petition to BEAUTY BAY
  1. Jeffree Star has been a very problematic person for years and a lot more info has recently surfaced, I was a fan of Jeffree star for a few years and only recently found out of his problematic erratic behaviour..

- He still to this day uses racist slurs to get back at people, There is a video of him from years ago using the "n-word" and ex friends, business partners etc have claimed he uses the slurs a lot more frequently 

- He created a website called lipstick Nazi before Jeffree Star Cosmetics was created, he admitted to this but plays it off as "it was a different time back then"

- He posted different photos of himself self harming and used those photos in a music video which is disgusting and triggering to anyone who self harm

- He falsely accused  James Charles of being a predator just because he was jealous at James becoming popular in a short amount of time and probably felt threatened. This then drove James into having suicidal thoughts and was bullied to the point he thought about this several times and became depressed  while he was only 19 years old at the time.

- He consistently tweets horrible angry things to his own fans if they have something to say regarding his behaviour, is a fan of James Charles, sometimes If their product is damaged or missing something or just blocks anyone who disagrees with him in general, even the "stan" fans that are the reason he has so much money/power

- Jeffree also defended an alleged predator, Dahvie Vanity the lead singer from the band blood on the dance floor, toured with him twice and later on lied about witnessing Dahvie sexually assaulting a minor and theres missing gaps in his story all of which he tweeted then later deleted but can be found online still, he even got interviewed by chris Hansen, from how to catch a predator

- He laughed  and joked about  Dahvie Vanity’s alleged sexual assault victim, Jessi Slaughter, in many tweets, making Jessi even more depressed and even more of a target from Jeffrees/Dahvie fans

-He also has threatened women with violence, claims he never smoked weed  done drugs or drinks alcohol yet has old tweets that says otherwise

- He also made many tweets asking to get r*ped, jokes about s*xual assault, was friends with Ian Watkins, lead singer from Lost Prophets who is a convicted s*x offender and would  tweet him asking to assault him which is disgusting 

- He also lied about owning part of the US store Morphe putting morphe in an awkward position 

- Is using a voice memo of an assult victim and showing youtubers without consent from the victim 

- He is throwing shane Dawson under the bus by ignoring him while Shane Dawson is getting cancelled for sexual "jokes" which clearly aren't jokes, tried justifying pedophilia and putting it under the same category of a foot fetish, sexualised and pretended to masturbate to singer Willow Smith at the age of 11, jokes about r*ping his fans, performed o*al sex to his dog and said he would f*ck his cat, has used blackface and racial slurs in old videos and helped Jeffree try to "cancel" James Charles 


Their makeup should be removed from Beauty bay entirely and not earn any royalties from the sales, beauty bay make posts on social media how they support blm movement yet allow racists and an alleged pedophile to sell their make up which is wrong 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!