Beauticians/Nail Technicians to reopen 4th July

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Today the Prime Minister Boris Johnson revised the lockdown rules whereby Hairdressers can now reopen (happy for them) but not Beauty Salons/Nail Technicians or Other.

Beauticians/Nail Technicians work in Clinical and Sterile environments AND are more than knowledgeable on PPE, Contra Indications including Viruses. We feel that to not open on the 4th July would be a massive mistake as we have Perspex screens in place; FULL Body PPE and more to ensure the safety of our clients. We feel this should be revised by Mr Johnson and the Government and as long as certain restrictions are met, they should be able to open.

Not only that, a lot of the women that work in the industry did NOT get grants as they only rent rooms in Hairdressers, they are single mothers and families struggling to make ends meet who have abided by the guidelines but are ready to go back to work fully prepared and the industry is struggling massively. We feel neglected by the Government. 

Please sign this petition for Mr Johnson to revise the rules and regulations now.