Remove hold from Mohammed Shami’s BCCI contracts and allow to play in IPL

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BCCI has put ban on Mohammed Shami, that too merely based on the allegations from his wife. Today we live in a society were false allegations by wife and other women has become a common practice, with recent being domestic violence charges on Yuvraj singh and arrest of Vikas Sachdeva on supposedly false molestation charges by Zaira Wasim. In recent past also we have seen infamous case of Rohtak sisters, Jasleen kaur and much more, all motivated by some personal gain. With more than 10 lakh such cases reported every year, approx. 5 lakh arrests and less than 5% convictions, motive behind these cases is clear and they can no longer be taken on their face value. Let's not make Mohammed Shami also be another victim of false allegations. Let's support him or else before you realize you could also be the next victim of false allegations. 


      Today it is Mohammed Shami , tomorrow it can be any of you and if you keep your silence, in future your kids will be the victim of false cases. For how long it going to go, if this cancer is not treated now it can spoil the whole society.


Mohammad Shami’s wife has put following allegations on Him

1)      objectionable chats with other women

2)      physical relations with other women

3)      Accused him of domestic violation

4)      He and his family tried to kill her

5)      He wanted to give divorce to her

6)      His family used to beat her

7)      His brother raped her

8)      He is charged of gang rape

9)     He didn't used to give her expenses (as he spent only 1.5 crore on her in a year)

10)      He tried to kill himself

11)     He is a match fixer

 And may be many more allegations

 Too many allegations to believe to be true


 Along with all these allegations it is important to note that :

 1)    Facebook and whatapp accounts used for chatting were fake

2)    phone number doesn't belong to Shami

3)    Phone was not even in possession of Shami

4)    Testimonials from senior cricket players vouch in his support  

         a)   No Reason for Match Fixing: Wadekar & Others on Shami Controversy

         b)    Dhoni, Kapil Dev back Mohammed Shami amid match-fixing allegations from Hasin Jahan


At this point allegations and other facts points more towards a conspiracy rather than crime by Mohammad Shami


        In a country like India where everyone wants to be a cricketer, it needs an extraordinary dedication and effort to become a part of the playing 11.  For all the effort from childhood a player has very short span of carrier of around 10 years only. If that time is lost all the effort is a waste. Imagine the pain, by the time these charges comes out to be false and motivated he would have already lost his prime years. On one side his carrier will spoil and on the other side India will lose a great talent and the value he would have brought. The emotional and financial damage he would have gone by then is innumerable. He has already lost the BCCI contract due to this. 

Mohammad Shami Ignored by BCCI in New Player Contracts

.      Mohammad Shami has also revealed that he was unaware about his wife’s first marriage and two daughters from first marriage. 

      His wife also could have filed a police complaint keeping it low profile and let the justice take its course, there was no need to go to public first.

 This also points towards probable conspiracy theory :

1)    When Shami got to know about his wife’s first marriage and two daughters, they might have dispute over it and he might have planned to give divorce to his wife.

2)    That might have propelled his wife to take extreme steps of putting allegations of adultery on him.

3)    There are lot of obvious advantages for a girl in getting divorce based on adultery and domestic violence rather than due to her own mistake of concealing the facts.

4)    To make it further a patriotic issue and harassment to Shami, additional charges of match fixing to endanger his carrier, to make public against him and to gain public sympathy for herself.

Based on above all facts , it makes sense that no action should be taken against him until full investigation is done and after investigation only any action should be taken if found guilty, also in addition if allegations found to be intentionally malicious there should be strict action initiated by BCCI against his wife for misleading BCCI and others.

1.    BCCI should restore his contract so that there is no immediate danger to his career

2.    He should be allowed to play in IPL.