Save The Grand Forks Vienna Woods

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This Petition is to encourage the City to develop and adopt a comprehensive plan supporting bylaw to guide the future management of the trees and the several unique natural areas owned by the City.

Our urban forests and natural areas are the most valuable assets present within and owned by the City.  They make Grand Forks a very beautiful, unique City and hence a very desirable place to live.  The amenity values and ecosystem services provided by the trees and areas should be managed and protected via a proactive management plan that has the strength of a City Bylaw.

There are many templates available from the ISA (International Society of  Aboriculture) which provide a useful guide for communities embarking on developing such a plan and bylaw.  Several communities in BC already have such plans and bylaws and would likely be willing to share them with you to assist your staff in developing its own plan supporting bylaws.

Please click the article below from The Boundary Sentinel to get a sense of our concerns: