Restore the Community Water Source

Restore the Community Water Source

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Baynes Lake and Elko residents and businesses, recreational users of Kikomun Creek Provincial Park and Western Painted Turtles are all impacted by the loss of the water source that feeds the local aquifer system. Water wells are going dry. Local lake levels are dropping. Turtles are losing their habitat.

The source of the water for the area is spring fed. This water source has been disrupted and needs to be restored. The BC Ministries have the authority to order its restoration. If the area loses its water source the following impacts will happen:

  • local community will lose its water for basic living,
  • recreational users will lose their beautiful lakes,
  • Western Painted Turtle (listed as Special Concern in Canada) will lose its habitat.

I support the BC Ministries ordering the restoration of water to Kikomun Creek Provincial Park and the Baynes Lake and Elko area.

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