Save BC Bear Dens

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Black bear dens in British Columbia, Canada are not protected!! Black bears need big, old, hollow trees to survive the winter. In these dens, they give birth to tiny, helpless cubs that need protection from the winter cold and rain and predators. Cubs cannot leave the dens until they are strong enough in spring. These big hollow trees are used by many generations of bears, but the government does not protect these dens from being cut down.

Logging of old-growth forests over the past 100 years has reduced the number of dens. Bear dens that are lost when old forests are logged are not replaced because trees are now cut before they become large enough to form a bear den.

I have been trying to get the government to protect bear dens since 1995 and my studies have documented the disappearance of dens along with the big trees that form dens. 

To have healthy black bear populations, the BC government needs to protect existing winter dens AND make forest planners grow some trees large enough to make new dens. I need your help to get the government to protect existing bear dens and plan for bear dens in big, old hollow trees in the future! Help me save winter dens for black bears in BC!!! Please sign my petition.  #savebcbeardens