ICBC must allow open vehicle doors for parents buckling up their child into a car seat

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A mom in BC was recently found 100% at fault for keeping her vehicle door open as she buckled up her child into a car seat and the van parked next to her car backed out and broke their mirror.

Under the BC Motor Vehicles Act, section 203, “A person must not leave a door open on the side of a vehicle available to moving traffic for longer than is necessary to load or unload passengers.”

Anyone who has had to ever buckle up a child into a car seat knows it can take few to several minutes to properly and safely buckle up your child into their seat. So what does ICBC want: Do a bad job but get it done ASAP even if that could potentially injure or kill your child? 

I think the law must recognize the time which is necessary to safely buckle up a child into a seat and for that I encourage all parents who think this change is needed to sign this petition.