Regular Night service / Hourly sailings to the Sunshine coast

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To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, in Legislature Assembled: We the residents of the Sunshine coast petition BC Ferries for an extra night sailing to close the three hour gap in night service.

We ask that you add a night sailing back to our Horseshoe bay to Langdale route until hourly service can be provided.

Many teens like my 13 year old son travel on week nights after school to further their dreams, careers and studies. He travels weekly with budding young soccer and rugby players, dancers, musicians, martial artists among others. These talented Coast kids should be encouraged. 

My son's practice in Ambleside ends at 8pm...the new schedule has him and many others sitting at the ferry terminal for 3 hours on a school night waiting for the 10.55 ferry. This gets them home at almost midnight if the ferry is on time. We worry about safety and how this effects his whole week. Many of these kids travel unaccompanied by necessity. This is far too long of a wait on a week night, we obviously do not want his grades to suffer so he can play his beautiful game.

For all Sunshine coast residents please provide adequate service for us. As tax payers this is our only highway. Bowen island has hourly service with a population of under 4000 compared to over 30 000 on the Sunshine coast, Our South coast is also a gateway to the North coastal communities and Vancouver Island service to Nanaimo.

I know you are aware that hourly service is the ultimate dream of Sunshine coast residents and that this route has had a steady increase in traffic.
Temporarily until such time as hourly service can be established, we need a reliable night service to get home. Just one extra sailing between 8-11pm would make all the difference to these young people that must travel to the mainland.

For the residents of the coast that need to get home, for these kids, their dreams and much needed sleep.