Stop Untreated Water Released from Bangalore, Varthur Lake to South Pennar Dam,Hosur,TN

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The treated and untreated water released from Bangalore Varthur Lake reaches South Pennar Dam(Kodiyalam,Hosur) and then to Kelavarapalli Dam and Krishnagiri Dams. This water is being used for drinking purpose in hosur and krishnagiri areas after treatment.

  1. The people living in the river shore (Kodiyalam, Bagalur, Belathur) are not using the south pennar water for drinking purpose since they are aware that it is untreated/sewage waste water. But the same water is being used by Hosur and Krishnagiri areas after treatment for drinking purpose though it is not advisable.
  2. All water sources(lakes and ponds) directly connected to these river are already got polluted. The color of water is black for a stretch of 100+km. It will increase salt level in the ground water if it flows continuously.
  3. Since water is flowing continuously all over the year, it is very difficult for doing maintenance and restoration projects.
  4. As the Karnataka government is linking Bellandur lake water to Varthur lake and it will increase the water flow. Also increase in  population will cause more treated/untreated water release in future.
  5. There are many fish and snake verities are already moved to Krishnagiri dam from south pennar dam and kelavarapalli dam. This shows how the toxic and untreated water caused environmental damages.
  6. Foam issue reported in kelavarapalli dam last year and this is because of toxic materials and chemicals from the source lake which faces the same issues regularly. (    ( (

So please support to stop the untreated water released from Bangalore,Varthur lake to South Pennar river. Also request Karnataka government to provide funding to clean the river and treatment projects since the pollution is caused by the untreated waste and water released by their lakes and it brings additional expenses to Tamilnadu government.