Fix Roads at Ramamurthy Nagar main road- Hoysala Nagar - Kalkere Area

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Elections are just over. Road work everywhere has come to standstill. People's vote has no value.

The Road work at Ramamurthynagar - Hoysala Nagar - Kalkere area has not continued a single day after the elections. It is as usual the show off that happens during elections that several side lanes had been tarred just before elections.

Sadly, the main bit(Ramamaurthy nagar - hoysala nagar - kalkere main roads) has been forgotten to be tarred. Looks like, the winning MLA of that area was busy creating his own posters rather than tarring the road. Before elections, we had the MLA coming all around the area asking for people's problems. After the elections, we dont see a feather of him floating in the air.

School has begun and the road is another mess during the school hours. All children wait for their buses to arrive at the bus stop but, the buses are as usual standing in queue because the road is so bumpy and narrow. There is 99% traffic jams near the old police station - uttam sagar junction. Mainly, because the road has a big pot hole there.

When the Ramamurthy nagar bridge had an extension to hoysala nagar and the problem just resolved, the old police station junction is a night mare. At the same time, roads have not been tarred. We find atleast 10 traffic police standing at the channasandra bridge. But, none come over to clear the traffic mess. Sadly, they are busying catching the poor defaulters. Defaulters are usually the cab drivers who earn their daily bread, auto drivers, bike riders. Rich people on audi, benz, lavish cars are never caught because they wouldn't have chillar cash to pay the traffic cops. The traffic guides with no pollution control masks stand near the Rammaurthy nagar bridge junction to clear the traffic but, so many times their words are never valued by people standing in that rush because the people are also in a hurry reaching office, everybody is busy in life, everybody has an emergency.

When it rains, its the worst thing! We do not find a single vehicle who accept to go that way. All cabs cancel the trip, autos deny, buses change their destinations. For 1 or 2 kms distance from the Ramamurthu nagar bridge, I have experienced a travel of 2 hours due to the bad roads during rainy evenings.
Fill the potholes, tar the road and if possible, fix the foot paths. This could resolve a lot of the problems people face daily. We wont ask for more, let BBMP/ MLAs of that area try to fix such silly things for the people.