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Its mandate that Slaughtering has to be done in Slaughter house Licensed by BBMP & Pollution Control Board and the waste produced has to be handled responsibly. It has been noticed that the Chicken waste are being dumped early morning or late night along Railway lines , Ring roads, Lake beds or thrown into open drains, which creates rotting and emitting foul smell attracting stray dogs,pigs,crows,eagles etc.

There are many incidents of stray dog bite where dogs turn furious when chased away and attack humans causing injury and death.

When enquired with BBMP officials on how to dispose animal waste, the answer we got was shocking: BBMP does not have a proper system to dispose animal waste from butcher shops! And they are responsible only for municipal wonder how BBMP will do it when there are more than 4000+ Butcher shops in Bangalore generating tons of wastage's on a daily basis and weekends are much higher.

Since there is no proper system to dispose waste butcher shop owners tends to dispose as per their ease.

Chicken waste can be brought down to zero within the BBMP limits if slaughtering is moved completely to licensed slaughter houses, such large slaughter houses have proper method of disposing waste by adopting various processes, this will also open up the market for licensed Processed Chicken Outlets hence keeping our City Clean, current butcher shops in our city are dangerously dirty place to buy Chicken from.

 Current Situations in a local butcher shop is -- does not have a valid license hence slaughtering in such shops is illegal, does not follow the norms of slaughtering, the blood is drained through open drainage's disturbing the neighbouring shops, minimal washing, defeathering machine not cleaned regularly, flies all around, live Chicken droppings around the shop, dogs surrounding the shop etc. thus creating an unhealthy environment for Customers to buy.

According to Animal Welfare Chicken has to be slaughtered with reduced pain hence the Chicken has to be stunned, by stunning the Chicken becomes insensitive to pain before slaughtering and results in good quality of meat none of the local Butcher shops follows this method.

Karnataka State Pollution Control Board also need to take necessary action to overcome this concern.

Hence requesting BBMP to Ban illegal Slaughter of Chicken within BBMP Limits.


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