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Reconsider your Hate Crime film rejection and grant it a certificate.

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Living in a democracy is a wonderful thing, as it allows you to have any view that you please, and you are also allowed to express those views as well. However that part may contain risks, as some views can be seen as controversial, mainly due to how it challenges the norm and is very different to contemporary thinking, but despite this, these views are still expressed due to the right of freedom of speech.

Sadly, the BBFC hasn't got the message. For over a century, they've been banning and cutting films, based on the idea best expressed in the Obscene Publications Act 1958, that they can "deprave and corrupt" their audience. Of course, due to a lack of evidence, this argument is complete and utter nonsense, but that hasn't stopped the BBFC from abusing this act to ban and cut films, the worst case being the video nasties era, whereby many films were prohibited, as many were concerned that children could easily access them.

While we have thankfully moved past that era, many films still come under heavy scrutiny from the BBFC. The most recent example of this practice is the 2013 film Hate Crime, which was refused classification after being submitted by websites Nerdly and TheHorrorShow for a Video On Demand release. Their explanation? Because it supposedly "focuses on the terrorisation, mutilation, physical and sexual abuse and murder of the members of a Jewish family by the Neo Nazi thugs who invade their home."

While that explanation may make it sound reasonable for the BBFC to ban the film, as it sounds like a sadistic and unpleasant work which promotes racial and Anti-Sementic violence to those who see it, they have given other films certificates which could also be seen as both sadistic and prejudiced to certain groups. Films like Natural Born Killers & Sin City for example are both (to me at least) very sadistic and promotes prejudice towards certain groups, the former to authority figures like the police, and Catholics to the latter, but both were passed at an uncut 18 rating.

They have also let through films that many would consider either prejudiced or sadistic. The former includes films like Birth Of A Nation (passed at an uncut 15 rating), whereby black people are portrayed as subhuman and criminals and glorified the Ku Klux Klan (even going so far to use white actors in blackface in order to portray the black characters), or Romper Stomper (passed at an uncut 18 rating), an Australian film which focuses similarly on a Neo-Nazi gang terrorising immigrants. The latter includes films like Shoot 'Em Up (passed at an uncut 18 rating) where we see such images as a man touching a dead woman's breasts and a prostitute's legs being burnt by a gun, or Rambo 4 (passed at an uncut 18 rating) where we see sequences of genocide and rape followed by very gory carnage. 

I am saying any of the above films should be banned? No, I'm just saying that when all of these film, in my opinion, are cut from the same cloth, then I don't see why one film in particular is being discriminated against. The only explanation I can think of is context. Due to the recent Rotherham and Oxfordshire sex abuse scandals, attacks by ISIS & the rise of movements like the English Defence League, racial tension is boiling up in this country, so I'm assuming the banning of this film was to try and make the BBFC look good, by banning a supposedly racist film. But how is one film being banned going to solve the issue? It doesn't stop the problems that could potentially lead to racism, like upbringing, social insecurity, bullying or media influence just to name a few. It also doesn't make sense considering the amount of other genuinely racist art that you can access quite easily. Not only It's just another excuse to not investigate the complex reasons behind a certain crime, by banning something that supposedly endorses/condones it, but it shows how the BBFC are willing to take away our basic human rights for the sake of (in their minds anyway) preserving the country's morals.  

It is because of this that I encourage you to sign this, as we can end this reign of Orwellian style censorship.

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