Urge the BBC to produce a discovery series about cows, pigs, sheep & chickens

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These animals are being force bred for slaughter at an unsustainable rate which is contributing to the decline of the planet. 

These animals are sentient beings & it is my hope that seeing them at birth, as infants & navigating their way through life, will help others connect with them in the same way so many of your other nature documentaries have done, for example as with your recent Dynasties series revealing the dire state tigers are currently in with regard to their declining numbers!

A comparison between those that are fortunate to live in sanctuaries and those that are bred for slaughter must be made to highlight the damage such practices are having on these animals; this can be done without the need for slaughter house footage.

These animals are no less than any of the other species you have chosen to chronicle & deserve their moment in the spotlight!