Support Students in Bangladesh

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On 29th july a number of students got killed by a speeding bus. Thus resulting to a peaceful protest by the students demanding safer roads. The protest was not only for the murder of these students but for all the road accidents on the roads of Bangladesh because the government never took them into consideration. The students started this protest very peacefully and only asked for 9 demands to be fulfilled and did not disturb any common civilian or use any violence.

But recently the Bangladesh Chatro leagueare using violence against these students. Theyre going to stop them using weapons. Around 4 students have been killed and several injured. These students are fighting for justice till their last drop of blood but the government is not doing anything other than cutting down all services and blocking Internet and filtering all posts against the government. The government is accusing this violence to be fake. This is why they need international help.

Please join the movement with #wewantjustice and #roadsafety . Get these to trend on twitter. Please tweet big important icons to spread the news so that it becomes an international matter.