Step Inside to Come Back on CBeebies and DVD!

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"Step Inside". A pre-school show from the early 2000's used to air on CBeebies.

It was about a man called Mr. Mopple who is Chris Jarvis in real life who visited a magic house to read a story.

The weird and wonderful puppet characters included the house, Twinkle the cat, Chloe the clock and Boris the bookshelf. It was the second show to air on CBeebies ever and it stopped airing in 2010 with little episodes being found on the internet.

Episodes are still housed inside the BBC Redux but you would need a BBC email to get it onto CBeebies again. Same with The Secret Show on CBBC.

After production, Tricorn Productions who were also known for Come Outside have shut down and they didn't make anymore shows since.

The only media available for purchase is the full version of the "new age" Alain Morisod-esque theme song from the first CBeebies Album which means there must be a DVD of it too.

Since Step Inside got cancelled, the classic shows on CBeebies including that were replaced by series such as Grandpa in My Pocket, Hey Duggee, Go Jetters and Old Jack's Boat, a similar show to Step Inside.

So this petition means that Step Inside is a classic that must return to all media.