S O S ( Save Our Skues )

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Keith Skues has been a radio presenter for 62 years. Much of this has been in loyal service to  Eastern Counties local radio. There are plans to finish his weekly Sunday night show and not renew his contract. Please sign up to let the BBC know that once again they have got it wrong and want Keith on the radio in our lives.

There is no comparable show on the radio that offers the mix of entertainment that he delivers as he plays anything from George Michael to George Gershwin. Al Boley to Call me Al and much of it from the vaults of his vast private record collection. His love of the pirate radio days always comes through but so does his love of radio itself.
To take his show down and to put him out to grass is absolutely heartless and must not be allowed to happen. Please BBC take note of these signatures and remember they are licence payers and deserve to be taken seriously they  are after all your customers and you are supposed to give a service.