Petition for BBC HardTalk to feature Atty Chong from the Philippines.

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Mr Stephen Sackur,
Hard Talk,

Dear sir,

I am writing to you to ask whether it would be possible to invite Atty. Chong onto one of your upcoming HardTalk episodes? I have received many messages from Filipino citizens asking me to write to you personally to make this appeal and I do so in their name too.

Indeed those Filipinos who have signed the adjoining petition would like Atty Chong to be given the opportunity to be heard. 

Atty Chong claims that electoral fraud took place during the 2016 National elections in the Philippines and alleges that the automated results had somehow been tampered with during the process.

This election led to Ma’am Leni Robredo being declared the winner and gaining the Vice Presidential position by way of a very small margin over Sen Bongbong Marcos who is now appealing the result.

Many Filipinos believe that in fact it was Sen Bongbong who was the true winner of the said election, not Ma’am Leni who currently holds the position of Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines.

I believe through your input, this could help to analysis those claims by Atty Chong and help the truth come out.

I have always been very impressed by your very well researched interview style. You clearly have studied the situation in the Philippines and understand Philippine politics as well as the position and indeed popularity of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Since your first interview with Senator Antonio Trillanes, it’s very clear that you are well researched and provide a balanced, unbiased style which clearly understands the mood of the Filipino public as well as the need for injustices to be corrected.

Of course you also interviewed ex Chief Justice Ma’am Maria Lourdes Sereno, where you again highlighted the popularity of President Duterte and challenged Ma’am Lourdes on her alleged meddling with Philippine politics, something which you say would be unheard of for a western Chief Justice to do.

I believe your voice and in-depth analysis of the alleged electoral fraud in the 2016 Presidential elections and indeed Smartmatic and their alleged involvement in the said fraud is of great importance to the Filipino people and deserves the attention to detail you would obviously attribute to it.

Thanking you in advance sir for your consideration,

Best regards

Malcolm Conlan
British National and blogger with an interest in Philippine affairs as well as TV Licence holder,
London, UK