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Petitioning Head of Drama, BBC Wales Faith Penhale and 4 others

BBC: Paul McGann and other Classic Doctor Who actors in new scenes for the 50th anniversary.

It's a one off 50th anniversary of a much loved show, many fans want this to happen. Get the surviving old Doctor's back.Of the many reasons Paul McGann should reprise his Doctor here are a few.

1.) The 8th Doctor has only had one on screen adventure.

2.) Paul McGann has always been a great ambassador for Doctor Who.

3.) He still looks the same as he did in 1996.

4.) His Doctor would act as a bridge between the classic and new series.

5.) It would make the 50th extra special.  

6.) He is friends with Christopher Eccleston and may help to encourage him back.

7.) Matt Smith has asked for him and the others to come back.

8.) It would be fun to watch!


Letter to
Head of Drama, BBC Wales Faith Penhale
Director General BBC Tony Hall
BBC Wales Steven Moffat
and 2 others
BBC Northern Ireland. Belfast. BT2 8HQ Points of View. .
Include the living classic Doctor Who actors in new scenes for the 50th anniversary. The fans know many of the older Doctor actors may not look the part but with clever editing of old footage , CGI , stand-ins the surviving original actors can provide new audio and then they can take part in a cameo role at least. All of the above can be done by VFX houses like Lola VFX (who de-aged Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in X-Men 3, shrunk and thinned out Chris Evans in Captain America, they have also de-aged characters on TV as on two episodes of CSI, etc) Given he has changed little Paul McGann should be included as a main
protagonist along side David and Matt,